Note the date. BussColors was out in 2010. It’s based on console modeling plugins that were sold as the ‘Character bundle’ in 2007 (APIcolypse, Calibre, Cider, Elation, Logical, Luxor, Neverland, Precious). Airwindows has been developing virtual console modeling for quite a while, though it’s really the plugin-set Console itself that was the real breakthrough.

However, the ‘coloration’ side of things was there since 2007. BussColors consolidated these into four: Rock (the earliest Logical didn’t even really compress, it was a console-color effect!), Lush (Neverland), Punch (APIcolypse) and Tube (Luxor).

If you’d like to try this very early console collection, buy BussColors (which is the one you’d really want to be using) and ask me for a copy of the first BussColors by email. I’ll send it.