Buying Audio Units that are only in demo form

Now everything I do is for free, AU and Mac/PC VST, but I still have all the for-pay Audio Units and mostly things aren’t free VSTs yet. So, if you want one of the Audio Unit plugins that exists but is private stock until it’s ported, you can buy it (but there won’t be a VST of it yet).

It’s $40 for one plugin, $70 for two, $90 for three (in case there’s more than one you like). I didn’t used to do volume discounts but now that I am working on porting them all to free VST, I do a volume discount for multiple plugins.

Be sure and check on the Patreon at to see the list of commercial plugins to be ported: they’re in order and it starts happening when my Patreon reaches $800 a month, which means you might not want to buy stuff at the top of the list in case it’ll be free soon.

Many are scheduled for years in the future, even if the goal is reached (they’ll be one a month, two a month if it reaches $1600).

Also, the ones that have been ported to VST are the free ones, and you can download them all at

The ones you can buy through Paypal are NOT VST yet, they’re Mac-only and AU-only. (I just want to be clear about that :) )

Still with me? OK, the way you buy something that only has a ‘demo’, that used to be sold through Kagi, is this:

Pay me $40, $70 or $90 using that, and include your EMAIL and which plugins you want. I need the email because that’s how I will send you the plugins :)