Buying Audio Units that are only in demo form

I used to say this:

“Airwindows has never done sales, or discounts, or bundles, or endorsements, or any of that stuff. That’s on purpose. I want to be fair to the person who can only afford to get one plugin, and I’m not willing to reward people just for having the resources to get 1000 plugins at once, nor am I willing to stack plugins into big piles to get you to buy more than you’ll actually need or use.”

“I realize this is strange and probably unAmerican, but oh well. I am too old and stubborn to change, plus I’m a Vermonter, so if you ask me what plugins you need I’ll probably tell you to get some of the freebies and go away—come back when you’re sure you want something specific, then get that.”

“I sleep easier at night doing it that way, and people who can’t believe the wild promises made by typical big-money plugin vendors can believe me. I realize this stops me being a big-money plugin vendor, and I don’t care. Think of me as a sort of backwoods artisanal code-monger and it will make more sense.”

“Airwindows plugins will never shut themselves off, demand a dongle, phone home, switch into demo modes or in any way screw with you. This is intentional, and an act of principle against the reg-code-laden, dongle-happy, audio engineer unfriendly state of many plugin vendors.”

Now everything I do is for free, AU and Mac/PC VST, but I still have all the for-pay Audio Units and mostly things aren’t free VSTs yet. So, if you want one of the Audio Unit plugins that exists but is private stock until it’s ported, you can either wait for me to do it or you can go to and pledge $40 for the upcoming month (charged on the first).

When you do that (depending on how people handle it, possibly ‘when your card is charged’) tell me which Audio Unit you have in mind. I’ll send you a copy of the Audio Unit you want, and put it on the short list so it’ll be ported sooner.