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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



TL:DW; Like a highpass on the side channel, except it’s a lowpass. SideDull There are some nice things about Patreon-era Airwindows. Not the money: that sucks, though I think I just about have basic survival taken care of as long as I don’t eat much and nothing happens to my car :) No, the cool […]


TL:DW; Mastering highpass to set by ear only! Hermepass This is specially by request from Gregg of Hermetech Mastering: it’s my try at a specific plugin he wanted. He wasn’t able to find a fantastic-sounding highpass with JUST a frequency control and slope, no bling, no other stuff, as small as possible. This is of […]


TL:DW; Filter. Capacitor Sometimes half the fun is just inventing :) People say all filter plugins are just biquads with different GUIs. It’s not true… or at least it’s not true at Airwindows. (actually I have to see what I can get out of biquads: I generally don’t even use ’em at all) This is […]


TL:DW; Highpass on the side channel. Utility plug. Sidepass This one was by request. It’s not very fancy, but I hope it’ll come in handy. If it is, spread the word! I’ve got a plugin called ToVinyl, which is rather fancy. It’s the Airwindows attempt at a vinyl mastering suite: elliptical EQ, highpass on the […]


TL;DW: Sound design or reverb far-away-izer. Distance Here’s another utility plugin: Distance is specifically set up to mimic through-air high frequency attenuation. It’s from my initial wave of Airwindows plugins, come to VST and with a new twist: though in the video it’s a one-knobber, when you download it you’ll find that it’s got a […]

Lowpass, Highpass

TL;DW: Lowpass gives rich textures, Highpass timewarps your tone. Lowpass / Highpass These are mixing EQs, not mastering ones (though I’m not the boss of you). They’re complementary: the one is the inverse of the other. However, because of their peculiarities that makes them behave quite differently. What they have in common is they’re interleaved […]


TL;DW: Mastering grade very low Q tilt EQ. ToneSlant This is a new plugin, not a port from an existing Audio Unit. It’s based on a variation on the Average concept. Turns out, it’s the tail end of the ‘averaged samples block’ that causes the cancellation node. ToneSlant implements a much bigger sample block (100 […]


TL;DW: A lowpass filter you probably don’t have in your DAW, with a distinctive tone! Average This plugin is an exploration of a fascinating filter type that, I think, is really underrated. It’s a straight-up extremely simple averaging filter. If you set it to integer values, it exactly averages that number of taps on the […]


TL;DW: Limit or wipe out the highest frequencies, near the Nyquist frequency. Slew2 Sometimes I just get lucky :) This plugin is just the anti-aliasing technology I was experimenting with in 2010, applied to Slew, my simple slew clipper. I thought it was going to make the slightly grungy Slew smoother (Slew is a clipper, […]


TL;DW: Build this bass-enhancer into an aux on your mix to generate controllable tape-like fullness and bass depth. FathomFive This is a first for Airwindows VST: FathomFive introduces a special Airwindows algorithm that acts like a combination between an EQ and a bass amp. This plugin can be used in sound design or on isolated […]

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