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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



TL;DW: Softest smoothest compressor. ButterComp Sometimes a plugin can be a sort of cult favorite. That’s the story of ButterComp, a compressor of great subtlety that’s no use for quite a few normal compressor tasks… but still has a fervent following. I’ve been begged for the new version of this one (not merely VST, but […]


TL;DW: Dial-an-attack, like sidechaining. Swell Every now and then you come up with something a little different. The fun of that is in identifying it. I’ve been listening to house music by Deadmau5, and I took an interest in the way the sidechaining worked. (That’s the way the music, or the reverb, or the pads, […]


TL;DW: Airwindows channel strip. CStrip Sometimes, Airwindows dabbles with what you might call ‘the normal’ plugins: for instance, CStrip. I was asked to make a channel strip, and while I usually prefer to do things in a more modular sense, it seemed like a fine idea, and so now there’s an Airwindows channel strip, with […]


TL;DW: Subtle tone shaper and warmth adder. PurestWarm Because my Patreon was over $700 this last month, we get a special extra plugin this week. PurestWarm is a little bit like PurestDrive (anxiously awaited by quite a few people) but not quite as sophisticated… however, in its simplicity is part of its usefulness. It applies […]


TL;DW: Very Fine Adjustments. HermeTrim If you’ve seen EveryTrim, you know how this works: it’s the all-possible-trims trim. +- 12dB of left, right, mid, side, and master volume. By request, and a handy little tool for all manner of stereo tweaking. It’s very nearly as clear and accurate as PurestGain, which itself is very nearly […]


TL;DW: Dirty loud! NC-17 This one needs little introduction, but it’s been a Mac-only secret so I will introduce it anyhow :) NC-17 was designed as the loudenator-killer. It uses the same technology as ADClip’s energy redistribution stuff, but on a soft-clipper, and instead of just feeding the energy back in, it uses it to […]


TL;DW: Left/Right, Mid/Side, and Master in one plugin. EveryTrim This one’s by request: while I was getting NC-17 ready for its big day, I thought I’d bring out a nice little utility. EveryTrim is like PurestGain only more so: it is very simply every basic stereo trim you can have (in loudness terms, anyhow!) You […]


TL;DW: Weird flangey little modulation effect. Ensemble Here’s a further experiment along the lines of Chorus and ChorusEnsemble! This one is more in the ‘unique because it’s kind of lame’ category. I like being able to do this sort of thing, because in this 2017 plugin business, everything you do has to be the hippest […]

ADClip 7

TL;DW: The ultimate Airwindows loudness maximizer. ADClip7 Finally! The newest version of Airwindows’ famous ADClip is out, and it’s Mac and PC VST for the first time, and it’s free! If you have dense, busy mixes and you want to push their loudness to the max, this is the one you want. And, oddly, if […]

Everything Is All Fixed Forever

:D Okay, maybe not, but if you’ve ever had an issue with an Airwindows ‘Patreon era’ plugin eating extra CPU… I’ve developed a thorough denormal-numbers fix that ought to work on any CPU, any DAW, quite intelligently with very low overhead. Some (not all) DAWs needed this: if an audio region ended and the plugins […]

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