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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!


Everything Is All Fixed Forever

:D Okay, maybe not, but if you’ve ever had an issue with an Airwindows ‘Patreon era’ plugin eating extra CPU… I’ve developed a thorough denormal-numbers fix that ought to work on any CPU, any DAW, quite intelligently with very low overhead. Some (not all) DAWs needed this: if an audio region ended and the plugins […]

Why I’m Kind Of Stuck Running Youtube Advertising

TL;DW: They’re a monopoly and I expect them to quietly blacklist and suppress anybody NOT running Youtube Advertising. As you might imagine, on YouTube this video is known as ‘Why To Run Youtube Ads’. Follow along with my reasoning in the video, and you might come to the same conclusion: you’ve got to put across […]

Crush All Boxes for Patrons

TL;DW: all patrons get to use my lifetime in music royalty-free! Crush All Boxes: Royalty-Free Music (Bandcamp page will contain hi-res versions for $1) Many times, listeners to my plugin videos have said, “This is terrible music, and you shouldn’t do it!” :D Other times, people have said, “I like that, where can I get […]

Dimensional Kicks/Hats/Snares for Patrons I’ve been asked to do something that’s only available to my patrons, but I’m not willing to do that with my plugin software. Therefore, I’m doing it with samples, because I can! These are collections of kicks, hats and snares, for EDM or sample augmentation. They’re tracker-style, not ‘simulation’ style, meaning they use no […]


Console 4 is the most recent version of basically my flagship Airwindows plugin. It works through a channel plugin on every sound source, feeding at unity gain into the buss plugin which overrides the digital summing with Airwindows summing (more internal space, more depth, and with Console 4 it now has glue making the top-end […]

Airwindows On (Mac) Pro Tools!

Every now and then you run across something that tells you: hey! You’re not alone, there are others who see things as you do! For years now, I’ve been developing Audio Units, just the audio code. That way they always work and won’t break, and I can focus my attention on the sound. I always […]


Introducing 32 Bar And Grill! 128_Jackhammer is a collection of loops—Airwindows style. You can find an example of what I can do with these loops here. They’re ten bucks, not fifty like the Audio Units, and they don’t get updates, I just won’t repeat any of the files ever. Why buy loops from Airwindows of […]

Welcome to the completed site rebuild!

Here’s where I rebuilt the whole site in classier, searchable, organized form… and added thirty free Audio Unit plugins. A big day! (can you find them? They include some truly amazing secret weapons. I could tell you which, but then they wouldn’t be a secret, would they?)

64 Bit Audio Units

By December 19th (in time for Christmas!) of 2011, I’d rebuilt all of my plugins for 64 Bit.

Technically, what that means is I’d revised my compiling techniques, updated XCode very cautiously (I don’t trust updates not to break legacy stuff that MUST remain working), tested everything out and set up a new build structure that made plugins not just dual binary, but triple binary.

Everything from Airwindows gets compiled as 64 Bit Intel, and 32 Bit Intel, and also 32 Bit PPC.

Everything I could recompile, I did recompile, including all the legacy stuff like the plugins downloadable from here dated 2007. If it’s there, it’s 64 Bit and futureproof, while also being past-friendly in the form of PPC. (no 68k, sorry!)

PowerPC Macs are very capable, and deserve industry support. If we aren’t prepared to put tools in peoples’ hands then what good are we? I’m not in the business of selling the latest Powerbooks (in fact I’d like to upgrade myself, but not if it means squeezing my own customers). Recording tools can and should be widely available at all price points. Using Airwindows plugins, you can take very old copies of Logic on old PowerPC Macs (or Reaper, for that matter, or various other programs) and still get totally up-to-date sounds out of it.

Everybody who’d ever ordered anything from Airwindows got an update for free in email, no matter how old their plugin was.

Please support Airwindows by buying new stuff. :)


While I was coding plugins in 2011, I attempted something ahead of its time. Specifically, it was ahead of the time that I SHOULD have tried it. It was a set of drumkits that I’d sampled.

This was miked with Studio Projects SDCs which I’d modded, through API mic pres, into the guts of an old 20-bit ADAT which I had rewired so intensely that the API’s transformer outputs ran through 1/4″ TRS jacks, and heavy(ish) point to point wire, directly to the balanced inputs of the converter chips themselves. Considering how small this circuitry was, it was an amazing feat of hacky ingenuity to wire the ADAT this way, and it let me do multi-miked drum kit recording.

It also picked up a bit of digital noise from inside the ADAT, which is a problem I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. (I’m using an old Apogee Rosetta now, not hacking apart ADATs to try and make them tolerable…)

The kick mic was various things including an Audix D6. The drums themselves were everything from Gretsch to Ludwig Acrolite to Slingerland, typically not that fancy. Cymbals mostly Zildjian.

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