TL;DW: Unpredictable distorty noise!


And then sometimes there’s a plugin that just makes you go ‘wut’…

DustBunny was an accident. I was doing something and put out a plugin (possibly a freebie) and there was a bug and I was in a hurry and put it out without checking… and quickly learned something horrible was wrong. Initial reports were along the lines of ‘oops’ and ‘yikes’, and when I checked, sure enough, the plugin erupted in terrible scrunch, and I in turn erupted in apologies and scrambled to fix the problem (which wasn’t that hard).

But even before I’d got the fix out (and simple oversight problems, I sometimes fix within hours), more reports were coming in: hold on, don’t fix it, it’s cool!

That wasn’t what I had in mind, but the solution was obvious: DustBunny was born. This twisted little plugin just applies a weird accidental scrunch based on where the bunny control is set. Please don’t use it on the 2-buss, or in mastering :) but more seriously, this is born to sit inside some kind of weird plugin matrix device as part of a nefarious sound design idea. It would’ve been perfect in one of the parallel effect chains used on the latest DOOM soundtrack, mangling a sinewave. If you hit it with high levels it gets kind of jumpy, so you might want to give it more restrained levels. If you don’t like running a gain trim in front of it, run something more amusing like a delay or a flanger to pad your signal a touch.

DustBunny is kind of like a joke, except for it’s real and does produce an unusual, distinctive effect (or 1000, as all the settings are kind of unique). I’m still here to post things like this because of my Patreon, which has been slowly but steadily growing since last year. The more the Patreon grows, the more cool things I can do and bring you the happy results.

Or, sometimes, just bring you odd little presents like DustBunny. Hope you like it! Next comes my mono Chorus, and then it’s Logical, and then one of the ‘unsung’ plugins, which doesn’t exist anywhere else and sold very few copies in its day. But that would be telling :)