All the freebies are now 64 bit (triple binary- 64/32/ppc). Including the old ones that aren't next gen algorithms. You can check- Get Info in the finder shows a creation time of day as well as a date, for the 64 bit ones.

Next gen freebies! These are all recoded with antialiasing, making them Version 2. In pretty much every case it altered the sound and behavior- sometimes radically, like with Slew, which went from a grunge-maker to a very effective glare-reduction plugin at a stroke. This also includes Channel2- Channel has always been very popular, the new version is a LOT better and even features a dead-control bugfix :)

Average is a utility plugin for filtering. It averages adjacent samples, and adds the remaining fraction as a 'leftover' sample so you can smoothly fade between values. It uses all the Airwindows audio tricks like noise shaping to the 32-bit floating point buss, to be the best-sounding moving average you could possibly have! Truly an audiophile moving average, inspired by the need to preview Pono moving-average playback processing.
MineSpace is a quick ambience creator that runs dual-mono and adds just a tiny bit of reverb at varying size/space! It's for video post, not to replace real reverb plugins, and is set up to add subtle air and distance without being particularly noticeable.
AQuickVoiceClip is for recordings such as gamer LPs, where the performance sometimes yells into the mic and completely blows it away into clipping. It subdues the HF hash while retaining clarity when not clipping, and contains a highpass that works with the anti-clipper code. It's not a 'un-clipper' but it tames the distortion a bit.
BrassRider is by request of a friend of mine, who said to call it 'Andy' and that everyone would know what that meant. Put it on drum overheads, and it will ride up cymbal crashes, while ignoring drum hits.
Channel2, the classic mix buss and individual channel analogifying plug. Better than ever and still totally free!
Channel3. Yet another round of patient work on the antialiasing and basic tone of the plugin!
Chorus2 uses technology from Console2 and a little Haas effect in the positioning of the delay tap to produce silky fat chorusing without flangey overtones. Good for fattening pads without sounding obviously modulated!
Clip is antialiased hard clipping, nothing more. This is basically the bare-bones freebie loudenator- the simplest, cleanest of them all.
Clip2 is the same, with improved antialiasing as with Channel3, and a new slider that lets you bring the 'ceiling' down on the sound, rather than boosting it. By request from a user who wanted this behavior.
DCOffset is for when you have DC content screwing up other plugins- some like reverbs and ToTape don't like seeing DC one bit. This is another handy utility plug.
Density2, a very warm overdrive. It's sloppier about overs than the original- if you push it, be ready to keep turning down the gain.
Digital Black 2, the ultimate guitar gate for djent or anything staccato- ridiculously fast and articulate, this is the one you want if you're making heavy guitar sounds ITB.
Drive2, a gutsier, edgier overdrive. Slightly better behaved about overs than Density, but neither are as precise with them as the non-antialiased ones.
DustBunny was an accident, and people asked me to keep it! It fuzzes out the audio not unlike a phonograph needle with lint stuck under it.
Ed Is Dim. (read it backwards!) Two plugins, one to convert to mid/side and one to convert back. Put ANY OTHER plugin in between. Try Pressure2, or Density2! Match the trim settings (defaults to direct conversion) or adjust them to tweak mid/side levels!
Fireworks Reverbs, which is a newer set of reverb impulses for convolution reverbs. Contains a lot of really killer sound design and special effect impulses! This is zipped AIFF files, so it is usable on a PC if you can read AIFFs. If you'd like to install them in Logic as presets (Mac only, uses installer), thank Mini-Dan from Gearslutz for this installer which gives you the same reverbs, built into the Space Designer preset menu!
Flanger2 was the first freebie to use the concepts introduced in Console2. You can do both jet-fighter 'center cancel' flange and fat additive flange, and you can get audio-frequency sweep rates- plus, it can work as its own kind of distorter. Good for automating crazy dancefloor meltdowns!
Floor is all about bass guitar and kick drums- you can sculpt and tighten the lows in a very useful way, and/or throw in midrange impact. Like Density2 and Drive2, but suggests more lows when used to control subsonics.
Mudslide is one special setting on DubSub, to celebrate the magic of the P-bass! It's the ideal thick, solid, articulate yet totally dull bass tone for driving a track from the backline. My gift to bass players!
MultibandDistortion is just what you'd think- instead of just highpassing the signal, it splits it, and distorts each band separately, and recombines them in a strange matrix with a stability control. Separate hardness controls on each band, very flexible.
PhaseNudge is a free allpass for phase rotation, such as matching dissimilar mics or adjusting the upfrontness of a track. Higher values rotate the attack farther back behind the body of the sound.
Pressure2, an early vari-mu compressor design revamped with the antialiasing. Very slick, capable of startling effects, again don't expect really precise overs control...
Slew2, just the slew section of what's now in Channel2. Very different behavior- on a meter, the original will just convert highs to noise and eventually choke them off. The new version will not go to silence at all, but slams just the 20K range down really strikingly when things get too fizzy, leaving everything else untouched. Incredible behavior for a freebie, way way more useful than version one, and this is what's in the new Channel.

SlewOnly and SubsOnly are utility plugins to use with Voxengo SPAN, in Density Mode. That will give you the best 'VU style', sense-the-loudness-of-the-track, metering, and when you put one of these utilities in front of SPAN, it's calibrated so equal levels will give you appropriate amounts of extreme highs and subs. If the levels are out of whack, your balances are also out of whack. Can also be used for extreme sound processing.

All of the following plugins are free. (and older, legacy freebies.) They are for you to use as much as you want, on personal or commercial projects, forever. It's also important to mention that these are also demos for the pay plugins- they're built on the same code base, so if they work on your host then so will the pay ones. In many cases the freebies are every bit as good as the commercial ones! They are my way of making sure that I'm not forgetting to be generous and support the struggling artist. If I do that, then I can deserve to be supported in turn through people buying other stuff.

AcousticBass, convolution modeling of acoustic bass
Airwindows Impulses, which is not a plugin but is a set of reverb impulses for convolution reverbs
Amps is all six Airwindows amp plugins for free. Buy Cabs or use them with a speaker convolution impulse- these are pre-speaker.
CabSVT, the ultimate bass guitar plugin
Channel, the classic mix buss and individual channel analogifying plug. Back to the original formula by popular demand!
ChannelEQ, a basic four-band fixed-frequency EQ which passes bit-identical output when set flat
Chorus, a taste of the Airwindows modulation effects for free
Crystal, the colorless but still fully functional version of the Character plugs, free!
Density, a very warm overdrive. Warning, extremely high gain at high settings!
Digital Black, a special gate which defaults to 16 bit noisefloor and can gate different sounds with different degrees of staccato.
DitherDemo, which shows you how dither works (truncation, flat, TPDF, and Airwindows special dithers) up close and personal!
DitherTo is Chris's personal choice for the ultimate dither to 16 bit, and the ultimate dither to 24 bit- different one each time- and FREE to benefit the industry (dither is not a huge market segment, frankly)
Doubler, just what it says. Another slick Airwindows pitch-shifter freebie.
Drive, a gutsier, edgier overdrive.
Flanger, more Airwindows modulation magic for a really sweet, airy flange
Flutter, which includes a stereo version, sounds fantastic, but doesn't have working delay compensation, so it's free too.
Fracture, the 2008 Airwindows Xmas present for lovers of ugly sound everywhere :)
Gate, formerly for sale here, in a simplified but still amazing-sounding version
Nikola, an attempt to do the sound of an audio Tesla Coil. NASTY!
Pressure, an early vari-mu compressor design
SampleDelay, the only sample delay with negative delay, allowing you to nudge things slightly ahead of the beat, as well as behind.
Silhouette is a specialized plugin that takes a track and replaces it entirely with noise shaped to the exact dynamic profile of the track- use it to tell if you have a beat or just an over-compressed mess ;)
Slew, just the slew section of what's now in Channel.
SpacedOut is just the 'aliased Myspace monitoring' section of SpaceOdyssey, might also be good for low-fi old school sampler sounds in conjunction with Slew.
Stereo Chorus, the stereo version of Chorus. Modulates both channels! Feed with mono or dual mono.
Toybox, a manual FIR filter! Suitable for sample averaging or constructing unusual tiny impulse responses.
Vibrato, which can be set with vibratos so fast it becomes ring modulation, and can do two frequencies at once- try doing chimelike sounds or similar effects.
Dual Mono Verbs, my first reverb attempts. Dual Mono is unusual- it's not a realistic room sound, but it sits in the mix in a special way. Replaced by Space as a commercial product, all Verbs buyers get FarSpace/NearSpace free now that Verbs is a freebie :)
Wah is the definitive Airwindows style plugin. It's a wah pedal. Really- try it. Unlike anything else in software- it sounds, feels and reacts like an analog wah pedal.

All those are free and I want you to have them, whether or not you're able to get the commercial plugins too. Enjoy!