Golem is a utility plugin for use with heavy guitar miking, when you have two mics on a stereo track but need to sum them to mono, balance them, and adjust relative phase. Includes a phase switch for tuning phase through cancellation. The name comes from the Sneap metal recording forum, where they call this type of miking "Clayman" miking after a notable album using it. It's also called "Fredman" miking after a studio where they're constantly using this miking- and also called 'two mics on a guitar cab' by people who think it is silly to give it a bunch of evocative names. Anyway, the plugin's named Golem, and Golem is $49.99.

Try the demo of this to see if it'll work for you! You're not allowed to use the demo for actual work. It politely mutes itself briefly every couple minutes, and that's the only thing it does to spite you. It won't expire or do anything to you, and when you get the actual plugin, throw away the demo and put the real version in its place and most software should replace saved instances of the demo with the real thing seamlessly, retaining any settings. Please support my cooperative, unhostile demos with sales of the real software.