LeadVox is an ambitious combination of things that might be useful on a lead vocal, none of them particularly normal!

Overtones does a Chebyshev filter, enhancing harmonics on only the top end of the signal. Hypes up the overtones and brings them forward, like you’re belting harder.

Find Frequency and Find / Cancel are an ADT effect (not as slick as the current Airwindows ADT, but functional) on just the midrange of the signal. You can use it to shape the tonality of the voice, but it won’t be an obvious ADT (fixed flange) because it’s bandlimited. Bear in mind that extensive use of this will make the vocal more diffuse and less up-front. It’s meant as a subtle tone tweak.

Body Fullness puts a subtle overdrive onto the lows only. Not just a gain boost, doing this type of saturation (like in Density) brings the frequencies forward in space. If the chest and deepness of your voice is getting lost, add this until it comes forward, not so much that it’s exaggerated.

And Soften Brights is a Smooth stage only on the highs. It’ll tuck the edginess of esses and things in, without being too obvious about it. Treat it like it’s labeled, just add enough to make brightness texturally softer, don’t use it as an EQ for it really isn’t one.

This is meant as a ‘subtle touches’ channel strip on lead vocal tracks that are already pretty much there: don’t use it as a ‘broad EQ stroke’ tool, apart from Body Fullness and what Find Frequency does it doesn’t HAVE any EQ. That said, if you like the idea of exaggerating effects that aren’t simple EQ, knock yourself out :)