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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



PurestSquishDemo is a compressor Audio Unit plugin for maximum transparency and organic squishiness! I’ve designed it for the 2-buss, but it’ll work for many things. It’s got two basic modes: you can use it very gently to ‘float’ the mix elements in a barely perceptible way, or you can lean into it harder for more […]


Logical3Demo is a universal binary AU plugin and the definitive Airwindows 2-buss compressor! The way Logical transforms the sound is not subtle. It’s designed to glue the track but also provides a distinctive hit-record ‘presence’ to the highs, allowing a sweet spot to be found where everything really pops and communicates. This draws on all the […]


PodcastDemo  is a pair of AU universal binary plugins for radio-type broadcast processing, simplified to the point of being drop-in one-stop fixes for your podcasting or video production needs. You pick between Podcast and Podcast Deluxe, throw it on your voiceover track (recorded with good headroom) and enjoy managed voice levels without a lot of […]


Logical2Demo was an intermediate stage of Logical, transitioning between the original Logical with its convolution-based SSL color and Logical3 with its full set of controls made to work like familiar buss comps. Logical2 had none of that, though it sounded good. It had only two controls, an input and output gain. It was about trying […]


CStripDemo is the Airwindows channel strip! 32bit/64bit/PPC Audio Unit, with EQ, compression, gate, highpass, lowpass and timing trim, CStrip is the go-to toolbox for any track. All the parts not in use switch themselves out of the circuit, so you can engage only the parts you need. They’re designed to work together perfectly, interleaved in the […]


ButterCompDemo was a technical experiment that turned out interestingly. The plugin itself ended up getting rolled into CStrip, with its users crossgraded to CStrip. Here’s how it worked. If you have one compressor, you adjust the overall volume of the sound according to how loud it is. This can produce odd harmonics depending on how it […]


PopDemo is a universal binary Audio Unit compressor plugin designed to create extraordinary pop vocals. Inspired by radio-friendly Genesis, Pop puts every detail in your lap- the reason it exists is, I was listening to ‘Mama’ and other songs off the eponymous Genesis album, and couldn’t believe how overwhelming Hugh Padgham had Phil Collins’ vocal sounding. […]


VariMuDemo is a universal binary AU plugin that works as a variable-ratio compressor. It’s simpler than Compressor and more suitable for overall 2-buss compression. (written back when I had a comp named Compressor…) Killer drum room compressor, or for very natural effects—ideal mastering compressor at the time, before I developed Logical to be way better still. […]


Pressure2 is Pressure, but revamped with antialiasing. This was an interesting experiment: it gained some slickness but lost some purity of tone. Making things fancier doesn’t always make them better. Bear in mind that this isn’t a peak limiter, so don’t expect any incarnation of Pressure to control overs, they’re sound shapers not utility plugins…


Overheads is another eccentric Airwindows plugin that’s almost impossible to comprehend without decent instructions. SO, here we go! Overheads tries to smooth out a track or set of tracks, so that bumpy drums are removed and only the cymbals remain. That’s what the ‘node’ is for (the controls are Node Compress and Node Position). It’s designed […]

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