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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



PocketVerbsDemo is a universal binary Audio Unit plugin (64/32/PPC) for specialty reverbs! It offers a variety of verb types, both normal and strange, and permits gating and dynamic reverb levels based on signal intensity. Dual mono for bigger mix width! This isn’t the ‘normal’ Airwindows reverb. That’s been developed over the years, through products like FarSpace, […]


BitGlitterDemo started out as a universal binary AU plugin for emulating the sound of the classic Emu SP-1200 sampler, widely used in rap music—and then grew into kind of a monster. People don’t always ‘get’ why you’d use an old digital device with limitations to the sound and frequency response, not to mention a 12 bit […]

Multiband Distortion

MultibandDistortion is just what you’d think- instead of just highpassing the signal, it splits it, and distorts each band separately, and recombines them in a strange matrix with a stability control. Separate hardness controls on each band, very flexible. This is one of those plugins where I don’t think there’s really a correct way to use […]


CabsDemo was a curiosity based on some experimentation. Back in the day I spent some time trying to do digital guitar amp simulation (before I realized that I enjoyed real electric amps better) and I made some plugins very early on that were convolution-based and using freely available guitar cab samples. They didn’t work that well, […]


ESPDemo was the precursor to BitGlitter. You can even see that it’s got ‘Bit Glitter’ on its only control. This was meant to be an Emu SP-1200, but it didn’t really manage to do that. However, it did manage to produce a legit sound of its own, in that general area. ESP bitcrushes and sample rate […]


CojonesDemo is an AU universal binary plugin to adjust just that. You can add or subtract it—listen to the demos. For voices, also raspy guitars. This is not an EQ or anything like one. Unique as far as I know. You get Breathy, Cojones, and Body to play with. Breathy and Cojones balance against each other. […]


DustBunny was an accident, and people asked me to keep it! It fuzzes out the audio not unlike a phonograph needle with lint stuck under it.


Fracture is the 2008 Airwindows Xmas present for lovers of ugly sound everywhere! It works by using a Density-style overdrive (based on a sine function) but letting you override the fully-saturated point. Since the function will roll back around to zero again, you can make it go to silence, not full crank, when ‘distorting’. That means […]


DeRez is straight-up Airwindows bitcrushing and sample rate chopping! It differs from, say, BitGlitter in that it’s not making any attempt to simulate an ‘analog low-bit hardware unit’. No, what DeRez does is hash up the sound with sheer, nasty digital bitcrush ITB. There’s just a touch of edge-softening to the frequency de-rez. But what makes […]


SpacedOut is the ‘aliased MySpace monitoring’ section of the plugin SpaceOdyssey. This was a 2008 plugin designed to help people monitor what the MySpace audio player was going to do to their sound. At the time, MySpace was a big deal for bands and musicians, but if you uploaded music to it, your music would be […]

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