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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



DeEss2Demo is the latest version of the very successful Airwindows de-esser! It’s refined for easier, more effective operation, and now comes in normal and mid/side versions by request! NOTE: you can also have the original DeEss when buying this. It turned out that the original, confusing-to-operate DeEss had special tone qualities that this simplification took away. […]


ToVinylDemo is worth a look if you’re rummaging through old versions for treasure. It’s one of those plugins where I had a ‘clean things up and simplify’ urge; the big change between it and ToVinyl2 was that ToVinyl2 changed to a single knob design. That’s far from the case with ToVinyl (and in fact I went […]


Ed Is Dim. (read it backwards!) This is two plugins, one to convert to mid/side and the other to convert back. Put ANY OTHER plugin between them. Try Pressure, or Density! Using a saturator such as Density means that the mid channel will distort a lot quicker, boosting the side information. You can do striking things […]


handsewn bespoke digital audio

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If you’re pledging the equivalent of this per year, I’ll happily link you on the sidebar, including a link to your music or project! Quite a few people see this page, and they see it while they’re getting free stuff, so they ought to be favorably disposed to anyone here!

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