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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



ToVinyl3Demo  is a universal binary AU plugin to center and accentuate bass, such as you’d do for vinyl mastering or to make an electronic music mix more efficient over a large PA system. You can cut side-channel bass and tighten and control the extreme lows in the middle, with great-sounding Airwindows filters. Also, ToVinyl 3 includes […]


SlewOnly is a utility plugin to use with Voxengo SPAN, in Density Mode. That will give you the best ‘VU style’, sense-the-loudness-of-the-track, metering, and when you put one of these utilities in front of SPAN, it’s calibrated so equal levels will give you appropriate amounts of extreme highs. If the levels are out of whack, your balances […]


Channel3 is the classic freebie analogifying plugin, Channel, brought up to date again as the antialiasing techniques evolved. It’s been sort of my test bed for the ‘house Airwindows sound’, often with little tweaks and experiments. The selector switch bug is still fixed, so you can play with the Neve and API settings! The other change […]


Slew2 is just the slew section of what’s in Channel2. It’s very different behavior from the original Slew—on a meter, the original will just convert highs into noise and eventually choke them off. The new version will not go to silence at all, but slams just the 20K range (or whatever’s really near the Nyquist frequency) […]


Channel2 is the classic freebie analogifying plugin, Channel, brought up to date. The selector switch bug is fixed, so you can play with the Neve and API settings! There’s anti-aliasing for a slicker, less digital sound! It’s better than ever and still totally free. Channel2 works in three ways. First, there’s a very faint touch of […]


Slew is just the slew clipping section of what’s in Channel. It’s a very old, very simple form of processing, but bear in mind that sometimes this sort of DSP, which touches the audio very very lightly, has real strong points. You don’t always gain by making stuff more sophisticated. This is a freebie, so you […]


handsewn bespoke digital audio

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