Snowball Madness

TL:DW; More Airwindows game research, with source code!

SnowballMadness.jar | GitHub repository

To stay fresh with plugins, I code other things, and it’s become part of my open source initiative. In fact I’m starting off the plugin open source thing by setting up my GitHub page with hobby game projects (first Counterpart, and now Snowball Madness). So you can read the Java code of this plugin, and use it as a framework for your own ideas. A lot of the initial work was done by my brother Dan, who also advocates open source code.

The coordinates (negative and positive, in any combination) for placing diamond blocks to protect regions from regenerating are:
256, 768, 1280, 1792, 2304, 2816, 3328, 3840, 4352, 4864, 5376, 5888, 6400, 6912, 7424, 7936, 8448, 8960, 9472, 9984, 10496, 11008, 11520, 12032, 12544, 13056, 13568, 14080, 14592, 15104 and so on. (center of regions with edges at 0, 512, 1024, 1536, 2048 and so on)

To me, this server plugin is an experiment in game balancing: how can you create a wild anarchy land on a Minecraft server and keep it fun and interesting? I’ve spent a couple-few years tinkering with Snowball Madness. Part of it was thinking up wild things that can be made to happen using ordinary Minecraft clients (only the server is changed), and part of it’s about designing the plugin to bear up under the strain of crazy things happening in the world. I’ve managed a lot of things that Minecraft plugin makers find difficult, and hope people enjoy what’s basically an ‘Airwindows Minecraft plugin’: here’s hoping the same spirit shines through!

The video shows a server, though I’ve switched it over to a different world I’m tinkering with (and took out the ‘diamond block respawn’ thing). It’s still running Snowball Madness, and you can get it from the GitHub repo and run it yourself with my blessing :)

In the process of setting up the server for the original relaunch, I hunted down the ideal Minecraft seed (large biomes) for generating a bunch of Savanna M (Dr. Seuss) terrain right at spawn, since the game concept involves returning things to freshly created and it ought to be interesting. As a process of this I found more than twenty seeds with different kinds of astonishing spawn terrain, all runner-ups to the one I used, and I’m making them available with their codenames as an Imgur album. Again, if you like this game then you might enjoy playing with these seeds, and since I got locked into a seed-hunting mode I thought I’d share the results!

This is all supported through Patreon, though that’s mostly about plugins. However, when I do other things, there seems no reason not to also share that, especially when it’s a resource like an open Minecraft server. Maybe I’ll see you on there sometime!