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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!

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TL;DW: Softest smoothest compressor. ButterComp Sometimes a plugin can be a sort of cult favorite. That’s the story of ButterComp, a compressor of great subtlety that’s no use for quite a few normal compressor tasks… but still has a fervent following. I’ve been begged for the new version of this one (not merely VST, but […]


TL;DW: Dial-an-attack, like sidechaining. Swell Every now and then you come up with something a little different. The fun of that is in identifying it. I’ve been listening to house music by Deadmau5, and I took an interest in the way the sidechaining worked. (That’s the way the music, or the reverb, or the pads, […]


TL;DW: Airwindows channel strip. CStrip Sometimes, Airwindows dabbles with what you might call ‘the normal’ plugins: for instance, CStrip. I was asked to make a channel strip, and while I usually prefer to do things in a more modular sense, it seemed like a fine idea, and so now there’s an Airwindows channel strip, with […]


TL;DW: Classic 2-buss compressor. Logical4 Here’s another one of the bestsellers. Ironically, version 4 is way better than any of the previous versions, and free! (Patreon supported) Logical’s a compressor. It was designed from the start to work on the 2-buss in the most demanding conditions: people are really picky about their 2-buss compressors, and […]


TL:DW; Compressor for accentuating beats and pulses. Surge What is ‘ballistics’ when it comes to audio gear? It’s the way the gear handles dynamics coming in. It’s the swing of a VU meter that can tell you what your music feels like. Or, since this is Airwindows and we don’t do no steenkin’ meters, ballistics […]


TL;DW: Surge and flow dynamics plugin. SurgeTide I’m a little distracted today (I’m an American from Vermont, which normally is a fine thing to be). And a little freaked out that the plugin I had waiting to release is named SurgeTide: I swear I named it a week ago based on what it does to […]


TL;DW: Explosive transient redesigner. Point WARNING: Point goes critical and explodes at 1:36, in the video! I turned it down -12dB in post to spare my YouTube audience (still quite loud), but you get to watch my reaction! The one, the only! Point was introduced in 2007, just ahead of an amazing series of spatializers, […]


TL;DW: Super old school compressor for high definition transients. Adds no fatness, just energy. Pyewacket Pyewacket is a strange beast. It’s inspired by how much I love the 60s/70s recordings out of London’s Olympic Studios, which had and used Pye compressors on many of my favorite classic and prog-rock records. Once you recognize the sound, […]


TL;DW: With this buss compressor, sub-lows get bigger the harder you drive it. Thunder Compressors are tricky little beasts: they tend to eat low-end, they react differently at low intensities than when you slam ’em, and each sort of compressor has a ‘voice’ that defines how it acts. There’s a crude way to deal with […]


TL;DW: The Airwindows compressor, malleable into many forms if you know how. Pressure4 What can I even say? This is the golden ear favorite. Version 4 brings new functionality that has never existed in Pressure before: the stereo version (default for VST, and the Audio Unit that doesn’t specifically say ‘Mono’) uses a special linked […]

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