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Airwindows is one guy: me! I am an audio hacker and computer programmer from way back. I seek only to continue my life up here in Vermont, inventing things and putting them onto the internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for pay. My hope is that people richer than me (i.e. most people) don't rob me. My other hope is for another cup of Aeropress. One out of two ain't bad!



TL;DW: Retro ‘groove crackle’ dither with fuller sound. VinylDither To explain this dither, I’ve got to talk about SACD (DSD) a little. There’s a super-hi-fi digital format known as DSD (direct stream digital). It uses a sample rate in the megahertz, but not as many bits (as few as one, even!) and is tricky to […]


TL;DW: The ‘One Weird Trick’ perfect boost/pad, with a catch! BitShiftGain Just when you thought we were done with gain… In order to support the next set of Airwindows plugins, which are dither plugins both common and bizarre, here is one final trick for clean gain aficionados. Turns out the only way to get cleaner […]


TL;DW: Surge and flow dynamics plugin. SurgeTide I’m a little distracted today (I’m an American from Vermont, which normally is a fine thing to be). And a little freaked out that the plugin I had waiting to release is named SurgeTide: I swear I named it a week ago based on what it does to […]


TL;DW: Super old school compressor for high definition transients. Adds no fatness, just energy. Pyewacket Pyewacket is a strange beast. It’s inspired by how much I love the 60s/70s recordings out of London’s Olympic Studios, which had and used Pye compressors on many of my favorite classic and prog-rock records. Once you recognize the sound, […]


TL;DW: Smoothest saturation or antisaturation, plus highpass. Density This one started a lot! The algorithm used here has echoed through many other Airwindows plugins. It’s literally the smoothest saturation you can have in a plugin: the transfer function’s a sine. This is what’s in Channel, too: there are many ways to adapt such a simple […]


TL;DW: Limit or wipe out the highest frequencies, near the Nyquist frequency. Slew2 Sometimes I just get lucky :) This plugin is just the anti-aliasing technology I was experimenting with in 2010, applied to Slew, my simple slew clipper. I thought it was going to make the slightly grungy Slew smoother (Slew is a clipper, […]


TL;DW: With this buss compressor, sub-lows get bigger the harder you drive it. Thunder Compressors are tricky little beasts: they tend to eat low-end, they react differently at low intensities than when you slam ’em, and each sort of compressor has a ‘voice’ that defines how it acts. There’s a crude way to deal with […]


TL;DW: The Airwindows compressor, malleable into many forms if you know how. Pressure4 What can I even say? This is the golden ear favorite. Version 4 brings new functionality that has never existed in Pressure before: the stereo version (default for VST, and the Audio Unit that doesn’t specifically say ‘Mono’) uses a special linked […]


TL;DW: Build this bass-enhancer into an aux on your mix to generate controllable tape-like fullness and bass depth. FathomFive This is a first for Airwindows VST: FathomFive introduces a special Airwindows algorithm that acts like a combination between an EQ and a bass amp. This plugin can be used in sound design or on isolated […]

Guitar Conditioner

TL;DW: Replace your Tube Screamer (plugin OR REAL DEAL) with this plugin, to get ‘scrunch’ and subs conditioning, but without the sponginess that even hardware TS9s have. Guitar Conditioner I designed this plugin when I saw what Slew was capable of. It uses a combination of Slew and Highpass in a sort of parallel matrix […]

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