Not Just Another Dither/CD


The votes are in, and the Internet has spoken. We’ve got a name for the new noise shaping variant on Naturalize, after a January of wild suggestions. Seems most people simply wanted to emphasize that this was not your ordinary dither, not your daddy’s TPDF.

This is the plugin (two, in fact) that beats all the other ones, including the original Naturalize. In normal use, this ‘dither’ (in fact it’s not a dither at all: it’s the Benford realness stuff from Naturalize, run with a noise shaper, and all the added random noise taken OUT) will make any fixed-point output sound like infinite resolution. It’s AU, Mac and PC VST. The plugin comes in two forms: NotJustAnotherDither which is 24 bit, and NotJustAnotherCD, which is 16 bit.

So, if you’re sending an output to your DAC for monitoring, or to mix down a bunch of outputs using an external mixer, you’d use NotJustAnotherDither, for the 24 bit output.

If you’re making a CD or something else that requires 16 bit output, use NotJustAnotherCD. It truly will be not just another CD, because it will sound like 24-bit high-res audio, on any CD player or Red Book CD playing apparatus, with no fancy player or post-processing required.

The output levels are low, without a bunch of extra energy coming from the noise shaper: it’s pretty well behaved, though like any hyper-performance ‘dither’ this is really meant for output formats. I don’t think any harm can come from repeatedly using this in processing, but you can always use a normal TPDF if you want no change in tonal balance (plain TPDF dither only adds broadband noise: more opaque, but if it builds up it won’t accentuate anything: dithers with a lot of high frequency energy can end up exaggerating that.)

This is supported through my Patreon, so the more people hear about it the better: pretty much the whole industry can use Not Just Another Dither and Not Just Another CD, to enhance their monitoring and mixing, and to produce high-res output files and CDs. It should make your audio sound better, no matter what your audio is.

That’s my wish for you :)